Mediacrest is made up of a multidisciplinary team of over 250 experienced professionals that offer the necessary added value to face every challenge on the horizon.

  • Alba, Leticia

    Entertainment Production Coordinator

  • Bachiller, Emma

    Office Manager

  • Baert, Winnie D.

    Head of Production

  • Cerezo, Leonor

    Format Developer and Entertainment Content

  • Ferrada, Gustavo

    Fiction Business Manager

  • García, Emma


  • García, Gema

    Accounting Department

  • García de Vinuesa, Juan

    Controller and Deputy CFO

  • Gómez, Chema

    Head of Accounting

  • Guerrero, Mónica

    Flying Producer

  • Laíno, Flor

    Office Manager Madrid

  • Liarte, Cristian

    Director of Global Business Development, Acquisitions and Partners

  • Macías, Alberto

    Head of Fiction

  • Maroto, Tania

    Format Developer & Entertainment Content

  • Mañeru, Gonzalo

    Head of Entertainment Production

  • Mazón, Diego

    Communication and Current Affairs Content Manager

  • Mena, Cristina

    Communication Executive

  • Molinero, Carlos

    Deputy Head of Fiction

  • Orozco, Berta

    Director of International Sales and Coproductions

  • Palomino, Sergio


  • Pérez, Raquel

    Entertainment Content Coordinator

  • Pou, Francisco


  • Puchol, Jaime

    Corporate Manager & CFO

  • Pujante, Aitana

    Production Assistant

  • Rojo, María

    Head of Acquisitions

  • Romo, Laura

    Production Coordinator

  • Sánchez, Maruxa

    Spanish Scouting

  • Tarín, María

    Head of Legal

  • Tomás, Hugo

    Entertainment and Factual Business Manager

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