17 Khz



17 Khz

Producer: Mediacrest, Reel Media (for the Finnish public TV YLE), Glaz / Creators: Carlos Molinero and Alberto Macías

  • Status

    Completing financing

  • Format

    TV Serie

  • Genre

    Insurgent Thriller

  • Duration


  • Language

    Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese and English

Five people from different generations, different countries, but all of them isolated and misfits, are faced with the task of stopping a conspiracy that makes them out to be lunatics: TIAMAT. A network of teenagers and adolescents who have decided to stop climate change by exterminating the adult population. The date set for the genocide:11/01/24. But for TIAMAT, that date is not the conclusion of its plan, it’s only the beginning.


If you are interested in seeing additional material on this project, please contact the Mediacrest Co-Production and Sales team at [email protected]

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