Antiquity seekers



Antiquity seekers

Producer: Mediacrest, Limmat Films / Creadores: Joann Fletcher and Marc Chica / Director: Marc Chica

  • Status

    Completing financing. Actively seeking for partners and international TV channels to close the financing of the series

  • Format

    Documentary series

  • Genre

    Archealogy, History

  • Duration


  • Language


We have been told about ancient civilizations as isolated cultures miles and centuries apart from each other.

‘Antiquity Seekers' is an epic adventure into the past that will unravel for the first time ever the astonishing connections between them, and how many of their traditions have made their way through centuries and millennia reaching you and me.


  • Jo

  • Stephen Buckley


If you are interested in seeing additional material on this project, please contact the Mediacrest Co-Production and Sales team at [email protected]

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