Producer: Mediacrest / Creators: Paula Sánchez and Carlos Molinero

  • Status

    In development.

  • Format

    TV Serise

  • Genre

    Fantastic Drama

  • Duration


  • Language


Laura is a young woman who has no memories. Although she can’t even remember what she did last summer, she knows for sure that she likes her boyfriend but, most of all, she likes herself. When she meets a mysterious girl, she discovers that neither she or the other girl are actually human. They are both goddesses of the zodiac, each with the powers associated with their zodiac signs. Laura is Leo and has the ability to attract everyone’s attention and admiration. Well, almost everyone, since the mysterious girl totally ignores her, which makes Laura obsess over her.

Can you love a human boy and a supernatural girl at the same time?

Laura has a lot left to discover in her last year of high school.

Love and destruction, parties and wars, alliances and betrayals.

Magic and hormones.

A typical teenager.


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