Blood relations



Blood relations

Producer: Mediacrest / Creators: Alberto Macías and Carlos Molinero

  • Status

    In development.

  • Format

    TV Series

  • Genre

    Horror Comedy

  • Duration


  • Language


With her hormones off the charts, teenager Ionela has a huge crush on Sheila, the captain of her gymnastics team. So much so, that, giving free rein to her uncontrolled sexual passion during a night of

celebrating, she ends up biting her, sucking up every last drop of blood.

Ionela’s brother Bernardino, who, despite hailing from Boyle Heights, not only considers himself Mexican, but a Zapatista too boot, buries Sheila’s body driving a stake through her heart for good measure. However, a few days later, the gymnastics team captain resurfaces for practice. If she was a tyrant before, now she demands complete submission and has the perfect set of tools to get her way: her fangs.


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