La noche de los cazadores



La noche de los cazadores

Producer: Mediacrest

  • Status

    2 season produced for RTVE.Year: 2022. Adaptation of the original ITV format 'Beat the Chasers' (UK)

  • Format

    Entertainment TV show

  • Genre


  • Duration

    Weekly Prime-time. 8x90 min.

  • Language


The Spanish version of the original Beat The Chasers format, a spin-off to the game show, The Chase/El cazador. In each show, anonymous contestants are pitted individually against the mythical chasers team, a star lineup of the show’s participants: Erundino Alonso, Paz Herrera, David Leo, Lilit Manukyan and Ruth de Andrés. Their extraordinary minds and razor-sharp intellect are well-known to the audience thanks to their daily appearances on The Chase. But… who can beat the chasers?


  • Rodrígo Vázquez

    El justiciero

  • Erundio Alonso

    La espía

  • Lilit Manukyan

    La profesora

  • Paz Herrera


  • Ruth De Andrés

    La gobernanta


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