La odisea de Sani



La odisea de Sani

Producer: Mediacrest / Creator: Gerardo Olivares / Director: Gerardo Olivares

  • Status

    In development

  • Format

    Documentary series

  • Genre

    Social, Immigration

  • Duration

    90 min / 50 min

  • Language


From a young age, Sani was determined to go to university. At the age of 15, he moved to Nigeria, but after an attack by terrorist group Boko Haram on his university, he was forced to flee to neighboring Niger. And from there, his odyssey began until he was finally able to swim to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta three years later.

To tell this story of this adventure, we wanted to see it through the perspective of someone, Dani Rovira, who -like most others- was unaware that the hellish reality of these immigrants does not begin only when they board a dinghy. It starts thousands of miles before that, on dry land, when they decide they have no other choice but to abandon their homeland if they ever hope to have a future.


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