Los últimos de kabul



Los últimos de kabul

Producer: Mediacrest / Creator: Gerardo Olivares / Director: Gerardo Olivares

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    Completing financing

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    Documentary series

  • Genre

    Current affairs

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August 15, 2021. Kabul had awoken to a dense haze. There was a strange feeling in the air. In the distance, the sound of machine gun bursts announced that the Taliban had reached the city limits. In a matter of hours Kabul would once more descend to the depths of hell. Knowing full well what was in store, this is something the city’s inhabitants had experienced 25 years earlier and were bracing for the worst. This documentary will tell the story of the largest rescue operation ever attempted, where, in a race against time, 110 Spanish soldiers risked their lives to rescue as many Afghans and their families as they could. Through firsthand accounts by both the rescuers and the rescued, we’ll relive the drama, suspense and danger of how these men and women endured this harrowing odyssey.


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