The beach house



The beach house

Producer: Mediacrest / Creators: Sergio Cámara, Jorge Hernández and Paula Sánchez

  • Status

    Completing financing

  • Format

    TV Serie (short format)

  • Genre

    Psychological thriller

  • Duration


  • Language


Mateo and Julia (17) are the perfect couple and, for months, they’ve been searching for the right occasion to sleep together for the first time. Taking advantage of a long weekend, they lie to their families and plan a secret getaway to Mateo’s small beach house. However, what was meant to be a romantic getaway turns into a nightmare in which the terror hides in the person you trust the most. A series about the invisibility of abuse in a teenager relationship.


If you are interested in seeing additional material on this project, please contact the Mediacrest Co-Production and Sales team at [email protected]

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