The floor



The floor

Producer: Mediacrest 

  • Status

    1st season on air on Antena 3. Adaptation of the original Talpa format 'The Floor' (Neatherlands)

  • Format

    Entertainment programm

  • Genre


  • Duration

    Weekly Prime-time show. 8x70 min.

  • Language


A spectacular game show where 100 contestants duke it out to conquer a massive LED game board divided into 100 squares. Each contestant is placed on a square representing a different knowledge trivia category. The goal is simple: challenge your opponents to get their squares and take over the entire game board.

Contestants must combine their knowledge and strategy to conquer neighboring squares. To do this, they must challenge their opponents and correctly answer questions based on images. The first contestant to run out of time loses and must exit the game; the prevailing challenger then takes over his opponent’s square, thus expanding his domain over the game board.





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