The Teacher



The Teacher

Producer: Mediacrest, Fremantle and Wood producciones / Creators: Carlos Molinero

  • Status

    In development

  • Format

    In development for RTVE

  • Genre

    Dramatic thriller

  • Duration


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Diana (56) works cleaning houses in a wealthy neighbourhood of Bogotá. One day she gets a phone call from her daughter Valentina, whom she hasn’t talked to in more than thirty years, asking her for help: María (18), Diana’s granddaughter, has travelled to Spain seduced by a boyfriend 15 years her senior, and has ended up in the hands of a mafia running a sex racket.

Diana can see her daughter is desperate and decides to help, using what she has spent over thirty years of her life learning: violence. She sets out on a mission to free a granddaughter she has never even met, armed with an inoffensive appearance and years of guerilla warfare experience. However, what was going to be a lightning mission is now a war and Diana realizes hat the only way to keep Maria safe from harm is to annihilate the enemy.

This will be one last battle to save her family, and maybe her soul.


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