Mediacrest produces hit game show 'The Floor' for Atresmedia TV

The production company will adapt the Dutch game show that has already been acquired in France.


Mediacrest will be responsible for adapting and producing Europe’s latest entertainment hit for Atresmedia TV: 'The Floor', a fast-paced game show that has achieved large audience shares in the Netherlands and has recently been acquired in France and optioned in the US, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Belgium, among other countries.

'The Floor' is a spectacular game show where 100 contestants fight to take control of a massive LED gameboard divided into 100 squares. Each participant is placed on one square representing a different trivia category. The objective is simple: challenge your opponents to take their squares and conquer the entire board. The contest mixes suspense and a dazzling backdrop with simple mechanics, allowing audiences to play at home. 

The format developed by Talpa, a major player in the global audiovisual sector, has been phenomenally successful in the Netherlands with a 22.4% audience share during its final episode on RTL4, the country’s leading private network. In France, France 2 has already confirmed its adaptation for prime time and a daytime version for France 3. 

Game mechanics

On a set comprising 100 squares, 100 contestants will face off to conquer every square, eliminate their opponents and win the final prize.

After a first contestant is randomly chosen, he or she must challenge an opponent on one of the neighboring squares. Each square is assigned a different trivia category. Once the contestant chooses who to challenge, both contestants face off in a 45-second duel within the category of the challenged contestant, for example "Flowers". Images appear on a screen, in this case of flowers, and they must correctly guess which flower is which. If they succeed, their time stops and now it’s the other contestant’s turn. If they fail, their time keeps ticking. The first one to run out of time is eliminated and his opponent takes his square. The winner of the duel can challenge another contestant or return to his square and wait for a randomly chosen new challenger. And so on until there are only two contestants who must face each other in the final showdown and from which the season’s absolute winner will emerge, winning a large cash prize.

Moreover, each episode will feature a winner: the contestant that manages to conquer the largest number of squares on the board. Episode by episode we’ll get to know the contestants as they fight to survive using all of their knowledge and strategic skill. 

Mediacrest consolidates its commitment to entertainment

Mediacrest thus expands its number of top-level entertainment productions after adapting and producing ITV's daily format 'The Chase' for RTVE's La 1; 'La noche de los cazadores’, also a prime-time ITV adaption of 'Beat The Chasers' for RTVE; 'Mapi', an adaptation of 'Chiko's Challenge' by Japan’s NHK.

Daniel Domenjó, Mediacrest’s Entertainment and Factual Business Manager states that "it’s an exciting challenge to produce such a major program for Antena 3, a game show filled with unique characteristics and the potential to impress a general audience," and something that also "consolidates Mediacrest's commitment to quality entertainment."

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