Mediacrest scores big with premier of 'The Floor'

Mediacrest’s new game show on Wednesday nights kicks off with a bang, achieving a 16.9% audience share.


Mediacrest scores big with 'The Floor', a new game show hosted by Manel Fuentes on Antena 3, clearly leading its competition with a 16.9% share, an average of 1,432,000 followers and 3,373,000 unique viewers. It’s also the leader in its commercial target (16.8%) across all audiences, especially viewers aged 25 to 34 (18.4%).

'The Floor' is a spectacular game show where 100 contestants duke it out to conquer a massive LED game board divided into 100 squares. Each contestant is placed on a square representing a different knowledge trivia category. The objective is simple: challenge your opponents to take their squares and take over the entire game board. Each episode’s winner (the contestant who has achieved the highest number of squares) wins € 5,000 and the show’s final winner will rake in a spectacular prize of € 100,000.

'The Floor' airs Wednesday nights at 10:45 p.m. on Antena 3. One hundred contestants and a € 100,000 prize up for grabs. Who among them will conquer the entire game board?

Source: A3 Media

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