Mediacrest will develop "Demokracia", winner of the RTVE award at Conecta Fiction

The script written by Rodrigo Martín and Pedro García Ríos is a thriller set in a police station at the end of the 70s


Conecta Fiction Reboot, the event held in Pamplona between 1 and 3 September, gives us a series to keep our eyes on: “Demokracia”. It is a story created by Rodrigo Martín and Pedro García Ríos, set at the end of the 70s in Madrid, and was this year’s chosen project for the development contract awarded by RTVE, in the event that takes place in Navarra’s capital city.

The project, a participant in the SGAE Foundation’s pitching session, will be developed by Mediacrest after an agreement was reached with the screenwriters. 

“Demokracia” is the story of one of Spain’s first young women police officers, who, in 1979, is assigned to a dangerous police station in Madrid’s Vallecas district. There she finds out about a heroine trafficking network with links to her superiors and a secret plan for a coup d’état. She daringly infiltrates the very heart of the corruption, planning to blow the lid off the whole network. This is a thriller series with all the components of a Spanish fiction classic. 

The production company led by Daniel Domenjó has Pablo Barrera at the head of a fiction team that currently has 14 projects under development. 

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