Orestes Barbero joins 'El Cazador'

The popular television contestant joins Erundino Alonso, Paz Herrera, Ruth de Andrés and Lilit Manukyan on the game show’s new season


Well-known television contestant, Orestes Barbero, will appear on the new season of La 1’s afternoon game show, 'El Cazador,' hosted by Rodrigo Vázquez. He joins Erundino Alonso, Paz Herrera, Ruth de Andrés and Lilit Manukyan to shore up the team of chasers who’ll face off against anonymous contestants. His debut appearance as a chaser will take place this Thursday, October 19.

Nicknamed 'the Spartan' for his grit and perseverance, Orestes never gives up and underneath his ‘nice guy’ veneer hides a warrior who will fight tooth and nail to hunt down and conquer each contestant. Delighted and excited to join the 'El Cazador' family, Orestes deeply admires his fellow chasers but is nevertheless determined to become the game show’s most ruthless chaser ever. Already appearing on ‘El Cazador’ as a contestant in June 2020, his team won €30,000 after beating Erundino in the final chase.

Born in Burgos 26 years ago, Orestes majored in philology and now has a career in philosophy. With an enormous thirst for learning, he views himself as someone who enjoys the little things in life. "I like attending my humanities courses, reading, watching good films, enjoying good art; all the things that comprise our natural world and shared human heritage. Above all, I love having simple but rewarding conversations with folks. I’m also all about spending quality time in any shape or form with my loved ones," the new chaser explains.

Winner of a Zapping Award in 2021, since its premiere three years ago, 'El Cazador' has become a mainstay on La 1’s weekday afternoons with a loyal audience that averages a 10% share. So far this year, more than 28 million people have tuned in to La 1’s game show at some point. The program with the largest audience was taped at the start of this season on September 8, reaching a 12.9% share, this year’s highest score to date. 

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